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Town Hall Rental Application


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  • Policies

    1. Policies for the Use of Town Facilities & Grounds
      The use of all grounds and facilities including the Town Hall, Town Hall Annex, Green School, and Oliver Estate's House and Grounds by the public shall be permitted and encouraged when such uses do not interfere with the Town business or violate other provisions of Town policy, by-laws, or State and Federal laws. The parties using Town facilities shall be responsible for the conduct of the people whom they admit, and for any infraction of the rules and regulations and shall pay the cost of any damage caused by them or their patrons during the period of their use of the building, equipment, or grounds.

      Approval and scheduling shall be done by the Middleborough Town Manager. Waiver of any fees will be at the sole discretion of the Middleborough Town Manager.

      Rental fee payment is due at the time of application. The custodian/security person must be paid by check or money order at the beginning of any event, unless payment in full has been made in advance. The renting group or individual will tender payment to the employee on duty. Checks are to be made payable to the Town of Middleborough for the amount due, taking into consideration the established hourly rate of the custodian/security person. A receipt will be given for payment. The payment will then be given to the Assistant to the Town manager for deposit of the appropriate account(s). The employee/security person will be paid by the Town for services rendered.

      Prior to submitting your application, please review all applicable policies listed below.