Why do we flush the fire hydrants?

We flush the fire hydrants to:

  • Clean all pipes in the system
  • Ensure chlorine residual to the ends of the system
  • Locate and repair maintenance problems
  • Measure flows for fire protection

Hydrant Flushing

Hydrant flushing notices are posted on the town website, in the local newspaper, on the local cable station, as well as business's throughout the town.This activity, which takes place over a four to a six week period, may cause discolored water in varying degrees in all sections of the distribution system. Residents who experience discolored water should flush their systems by opening a cold water faucet for a few minutes and then wait for about an hour. If the water is still not clear, the flushing procedure should be repeated.


The Water Department regrets that it cannot be responsible for any damage resulting from the flushing activity that is a necessary and normal maintenance function. Fire hydrants provide a direct connection with the public water system. If you see anyone, who is not a Town of Middleboro employee, opening a hydrant please call the Water Department at 508-946-2482 or The Middleborough Police Department at 508-947-1212.

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