How does the transportation service work?

The COA has a contract with GATRA to run 2 different van services within Middleboro. One is curb-to-curb and one is a fixed route. 


To schedule a ride for the curb-to-curb service, simply call the COA by 1 the previous day. The van will pick up at the curb of your residence and bring you to your destination. The pick up and drop off time can be scheduled at the same time or if it is appointment, you call the COA when you are ready to be picked up. Riders must be 60 and over or disabled. A ride one way cost $1.25 or a pass for 10 rides for $10 can be purchased. 

Transportation Uses

Riders use the van for Middleboro medical appointments, errands and social visits. The vans transport to Hannaford supermarkets on Tuesday and Stop and Shop on Thursday. The other van is a fixed route within Middleboro. Riders flag down the van along the route. The route includes both housing complexes, Southeast Medical Center, the downtown area, and the YMCA. Brochures outlining the route are available at the COA and on GATRA’s website. 


Fares are $0.50 for Medicare beneficiaries, elderly and the disabled and students. Others pay $1 per ride. This route is open to the general public.

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