What is Stormwater?​

  • Stormwater is the runoff water after it rains or snow. Stormwater picks up litter, sand, and chemicals as it flows over the land and into storm drains, and it carries these pollutants to our streams, ponds, wetlands and coastal water.

Why does Stormwater matter?

  • Stormwater typically contains a number of pollutants, such as oil and grease from roadways and parking lots, pesticides and fertilizers from lawns, sediment from construction sites, sand and dirt from roadway maintenance practices, and carelessly discarded trash such as cigarette butts, wrappers, and plastic bottles. When these pollutants enter water bodies, they can contaminate drinking water supplies, hinder recreation activities, and harm aquatic and other wildlife habitats. In addition to washing pollutants into our surface waters, improperly managed storm water runoff can result in soil erosion and flooding.