Dredging, altering and filling wetlands are regulated by this law. “Wetlands” are not just cattail marshes. They include intermittent streams, riverfront and other areas that may be dry for extended periods of the year. Wetlands can be determined by a wetland scientist or botanist and are delineated through looking at three parameters: soils, vegetation and evidence of hydrology.

Protection & Preservation

The Conservation Commission also is charged with the protection and preservation of land. If you are interested in protecting your land please call us at 508-946-2406.

Conservation Land

  • Pratt Farm located at:                                                                                                       67 East Main Street
    Middleborough, MA 02346
  • Explore the trails and history of Pratt Farm.
  • Stuart Morgan Property on the corner of Long Point Road and Marion Road

If you would like your group to use one of these properties please contact the Conservation Commission at 508-946-2406 to get a group use form (PDF).

Frog - Spring Peeper 2
Frog - Spring Peeper