Wastewater Treatment

The Wastewater Treatment Plant was built in 1977 and operates 24 hours a day 7 days a week. All of our Wastewater Treatment Plant Operators are licensed by the state. They maintain 23 miles of sewer main, 6 pump stations and treat approximately 1.1 million gallons of effluent each day. 

Crane Lifting a Large Crate


The Wastewater Treatment Plant will be undergoing a $25 million dollar upgrade to be completed 2017. This improvement project is required to meet the new stringent standards set by the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Environmental Protection, to lower phosphorous and nitrogen levels of treated effluent discharged into the Nemasket River. Included in this upgrade is a new 1,500-square-foot control building, a SCADA-control room, new plant entrance road for better truck access, a maintenance garage and a new tertiary building.